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Whether you are here to check out all our free content in our Blogs and Free stuff section, join up to our EHCP membership or Autistic Instincts support service, use our admin services or book a support call.. We want you to know that our focus is always you and your family, listening to your voice and making sure you find the best path for you. 
We do not want you to have to pay large amounts for the support you need, and we are fed up of seeing families and professionals taken advantage of. 
EHCP membership support - Amazing help for those who want hand holding, admin help and templates without the huge costs of other advocacy services.
Find out more about our Neurodivergent led, confidential email support, listening service and video Library. 


Not fine in school and Send Family Instincts have come together to create bank of all the information you need and a 24hr email support service. 


Admin & Call support services. Bespoke, affordable support from our team of highly trained advocates, all with personal experience of the system. 

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Thank You SFI!

"I want to sincerely thank you for the information you share. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to fight this fight without the knowledge I have gained from you."



"Have sent back with concerns using your template (absolute god send!)"


Amazing response time!

"Your service is absolutely fantastic and has been a huge support with all my emailing of questions and the response time by you of my questions is second to none."




How to do a parent request using our templates and questionnaire tool. - Jo...


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Beth Bodycote Not Fine in School: Family Support f...

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