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We want as many people as possible to have access to affordable, confidential and non-judgemental guidance and practical support,  so you can change the lives of children, young people and families. 

Check out the options on our Membership link below. The things our members say make the most difference is a quick response within 24hrs to any question they have, and hand holding to help fill in our templates. 

We want to make every step as simple as possible, so you can avoid feeling like you need to use costly advocates or solicitors. 


What do our members say?

Harness the power of awesome

Thank You SFI!

"I want to sincerely thank you for the information you share. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to fight this fight without the knowledge I have gained from you."



"Have sent back with concerns using your template (absolute god send!)"


Amazing response time!

"Your service is absolutely fantastic and has been a huge support with all my emailing of questions and the response time by you of my questions is second to none."





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