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Autistic Instincts 

We launched AI in 2021 as a way of supporting families who wanted help in areas outside of the EHCP focused support we had previously been delivering. 

Both Charlie and Jess are late diagnosed adults, and parents to children with SEND. 

Jess and Charlie are passionate about charity work and supporting those who are more vulnerable or unable to access more traditional support. 

AI engage in panel discussions, have the Life Instincts membership and also are the brains behind the Follow Your Instincts service. Our course library. 

We have a free Facebook group - Autistic Instincts and share the goal and ambition to reduce isolation and support people in their personal and familiy growth. 


Jess Cain- PDA ADHD parent to 4 amazing kids..

Founder at Send Family Instincts 

Charlie Gray - Autistic parent to 2 amazing children.

Founder and blogger at - My Autistic Adventure  

You can watch us chat online too, with special guests every Friday. 

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