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Click here to get started!! Send Family Instincts, Not Fine In School, Heidi Mavir EOTAS and The Nurturing SEND advocate - Karen Stepanova bring to you 60 days of Free Support

As advocates we are all so fed up of parents and children being let down and left to struggle. 

This FREE service is for you if your child does not have an EHCP and you have not yet made any parent or school request, and you relate to any of the following;

⚠️ Your child is unable to access or engage with education.
⚠️ You are being told your child is fine in school but you know they are not.
⚠️School are saying they will help once you get a diagnosis, but the waiting list is endless.
⚠️ You are home educating but it is not your choice to do so, you just saw no other option.
⚠️Your child is consistently being excluded or disciplined for their behaviour and you know it’s down to lack of support.
⚠️ Your child is not getting support noted in reports.
⚠️ Your child is having alternative provision for health needs, but you just know this is down to their unmet special educational needs.

You will find in our Free support service everything you need to help you move forward and request an EHC assessment for your child. 

Just click here, sign up and get started.. We want to make it as simple as possible. 

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