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Beth NFIS & Jess Send Family Instincts bring you NFIS Instincts

We now are amazingly pleased to be able to offer you a low cost support service to help navigate your way through the overwhelming journey that far too many children and young people face, when they are -Not Fine in School.
We have come together as we have both heard of too many parents borrowing money to spend thousands on costly solicitors.. when we know from experience all it takes is to feel empowered, have a bit of hand holding and have access to the admin tools you need to get the job done in a simple and effective way.
So no more feeling embarrassed to ask questions publicly in groups, or long waits for support call services.
We have both noticed the growing need for a confidential and low cost service to help you;
-Feel less alone
-Offer consistent and confidential support
-Understand what's behind your child's inability to attend
-Navigate the admin process - Questionnaires, templates & guides
-Help you understand social care
-Request SEND support & an EHCP if necessary
-Request and navigate Alternative provision
-Identify the right future provision
-Understand EOTAS, request if necessary and build a package
-Understand Elective Home Education
-Appeal & Complain
-Navigate the legal side and understand your rights
We have sections on all these areas within our membership login area. As well as information on disability and being neurodivergent, from advocates with lived experience.
This service gives you a 24hr response email Helpline - Run by Level 3 SEND advocates who are all supported and joined by Jess and Beth. So you can be certain that we will be able to help and support as and when you need it.
We want to empower your whole family to move forward.
Our service is Neurodivergent led, by people who have experience of what you are going through.
We work alongside other advocates too and have sections in the membership on;
Eliza Fricker Missing The Mark
Nina Farr Nina Farron Boundaries
Steph Marie - Physical disability taboos
There are many more sections in the pipeline..
To include;
-Kenza Cohen NeurodiverCity-GDPR and Safeguarding - The Legals
Laura Kirby Positive Autism Support and Training-Why bespoke package work
Jodie Isitt The Nurture Programme EBSA and helping professionals get on board
Karen Stepanova The Nurturing SEND Consultant - Karen Stepanova - How to work with schools positively
Laura Ahsan Send Family Instincts - SEND Tribunal - Going it alone
Charlie Grey Autistic Instincts Supporting yourself and ND siblings in the home
Poppy - Mainstream or Special school.. what I like best
To join up @£25 for the months support, just follow the link. The idea is you come and go as you need us. So no tie in, no hidden extras..
£25 per month

Barriers to Attendance - SEND Family Instincts & Not Fine In School -24hr Email support and resource library

This package give you everything we offer, brought to you by NFIS and SEND Family Instincts. 

24hr email support, 365 days a year, answered within 24hrs. 

Access to all our membership zone, templates, guides, videos, questionnaires. 

This is a full package for parents who have children who are struggling to access education due to unmet needs. You can use this confidential support at any stage in your journey. 

We can help you find your way forward. Listen to you when you need us. 

We are here for you to achieve anything you need to. Complain, navigate the EHCP system, or just create some more calm in your home and life. 

All NFIS files, Send Family Instincts files and a full library of signposting as well. 


Welfare Checks

Find out here -

What are welfare checks?

Why they happen?

What you can do to support the process, whilst protecting your childs emotional wellbeing? 

Sign up here and also get our Free EHCP course and Free Social care templates and guides. 

This service includes a template to send to school to engage, request information and set boundaries. 

Beth & Jess 

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