Crazy world of cut and paste

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020
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Draft checks - what you need to know!

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

Draft Checking

We can do it for you @£150, or have a try yourself:

When you draft check the important thing to remember is that the document you are working with is cut and pasted from professional advice.

So if you want to change anything, or disagree, it helps if you can find the relevant report and look for where the information has come from.

To amend a plan there would need to be evidence from a professional in regards to the changes you feel represent your child.

An easy way to think of it- Making a cake -The officers for the 0-25 team collect the ingredients and make the cake. If the flour is missing, the cake can’t be made correctly. They can only use the ingredients given to them.

If you don’t think the cake is right, you will need to tell them to ask for more ingredients from the professionals involved with your child.

Your draft plan will go from A-K.

A - You can change this section as you wish. These are your families views and they are crucial to...

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Happy New Year.

This is the year that SFI will campaign to improve the system.

This is the year that SFI will work tirelessly so that children’s strengths are supported and developed, not just their minimum level of needs met.

Last year our advocacy support directly improved the lives of 400 families. We want to double that this year.

We want everyone, no matter what, to feel empowered to appeal.

We want all LA staff to be held accountable.

We want schools to learn more about the 0-25 Code of practice, so there can be more joined up work around delivering what children need, instead of just giving them what’s available.

We understand funds are tight, but the mistakes and poor support of children and their parents we see is often more about changing a culture, rather than spending endless money.

We won’t make big promises we can’t keep, we will just day by day, work to find solutions to each and every challenge we are set.

So get in touch. We are here to offer free messenger support...
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Lack of funding in mainstream schools- article response

There has recently been an article addressing the lack of funding in mainstream schools. Due to the change in education reform in 2014 there has been an increase of EHCP , which this article has stated, is taking money away from other pupils to put into support for with SEN.


Yes budget cuts have affected schools. However what it should highlight that there is not enough funding for ANY pupils, let alone pupils with SEN.


This article is will only increase pressure for SEN parents, making them feel even more isolated in a system which is constant battle. Every child is entitled to an education.


It all comes down to the fact that there needs to be more funding, more support for teachers and parents. In Devon alone they have lost £116million in funding between the years of 2015 and 2020, according to


The no filter mum addresses this with an Instagram post so well.  Where is the outrage and the...

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Published by Jessica Cain
· October 4 · 
All of this. All the time!!

Safe boundaries are the only solution to Gaslighting. The only issues is, I’ve heard a number of parents this week who, when using safe boundaries with professionals have then been threatened with social services or the EWO and fines.

It’s reminds me of domestic abuse in that way, as many abusers keep their victim quiet by shaming them and convincing them that if they tell anyone Social services will take their kids.

I do have a hope for a world where Social services could be the place to turn to, rather than the weapon used against us.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
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Bridge the gaps by understanding our child’s challenges

We need to bridge the gaps by understanding our child’s challenges.

We need to look deeply into their ability before we start to define what help they require.

So often I enter a situation where decisions are being made and there is no real understanding of ‘why’ a child is struggling to thrive in education.

It’s like putting a plaster cast on your leg, just incase it’s broken...

This child in the picture may not be able to access the curriculum because he...

Could have a hearing difficulty
Could have a processing disorder
Could not speak the language
Could be unable to concentrate
Could require a sensory break
Could have interaction difficulties
Could have PTSD
Etc etc etc etc

Each one of these requires a different specific provision.

Step one. Identify the challenge/difficulty.

Step two identify what the child needs to achieve or where they need to get to.

Step three identify the support this child needs to bridge the gap.

If you need anymore support please...

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Masking and school refusal

Masking and an inability to attend school.. (I hate the term ‘school refusal’ as it’s like adults having a vomiting virus and a boss saying they are refusing to work..)

It’s strange when you get to read a full set of reports, as we do daily. I have an appeal case at the moment where the parent and health views are so similar and then in school the child presents completely differently. Apart from the name and date of birth, it could be a different child.

In almost all cases we see children are masking to some extent at school. I see it when I’m delivering respite and enabling too. Confirming to me in different settings for everyone is important. We all behave differently in the gym than in a 5star restaurant, but masking is an entirely different thing.

Children who are telling school they are happy and fine, then coming home and having meltdowns, attacking themselves and others, self harming, suicidal..

How can this be better understood in...

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You are the captain!

You are the Captain.

Having a child is the start of a journey.

It is a never ending journey. You board the boat when they are born and you just have to keep paddling.

For a family who are dealing with services and Local authorities, Education welfare officers, teachers, professionals, it’s like being on the boat and going through constant rapids and having random folk on shore shouting at you, giving you advice. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it makes it harder to navigate. Sometimes you feel like the boat has hit land and you get stuck, but you are still on the journey and the boat will move again.

The thing is, once you realise this journey has no end, no finish line, it can make the journey easier to bare, because you slow down and start to find small wins along the way.

When I first became a loan parent I felt like my copilot had jumped ship. I didn’t feel like I could cope, I begged and prayed for someone new to join me. I became low and angry. But I...

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