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We want to be the Mcdonalds of the SEND world...
Hear me out. 😂😂 I’ve not gone loopy!
What we have always wanted to do is to make the EHCP process easy to understand and accessible to all.
We are not solicitors, we are an advocacy service, so we won’t deliver what you might expect of a solicitor. We haven’t trained as solicitors and we also don’t charge the (often extortionate) fees they do...
Back when I started my own court process I remember how extremely isolated I felt and how out of reach success seemed without paying thousands for legal support .. but I was very wrong. I found success through sheer determination and my aptitude and love of admin. 😂
As a lone parent of 4 kids I love McDonald’s. It’s not Michelin star food, but I can take my kids, they all leave full and it doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s affordable and because it gets the job done, it’s value for money. I can access and actually enjoy it without needing another adult to help. I don’t feel intimidated by the menu or cost. It makes me feel like I have the opportunity to take my kids out.
We make our support affordable because value for money and inclusion are at the heart of our support service.
We cover your admin and make things clear.
We have strong templates which make sure you cover the law.
We empower you.
We don’t baffle you with jargon.
We always keep it simple.
Most importantly, we don’t pretend we know everything..
To us, you are the expert and we are your scribe (who has the training to get the job done.)

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