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Working late tonight delivering on Draft Checks and some other interesting bits of advocacy, school negotiations and reviewing docs, that I had to put on hold today to go to my own hearing.
Today went very well. I had a horrible judge who I actually complained about a year ago (I had hoped he had left 🙈😂, no such luck), but regardless, my determination for my kids safety paid off.
I had a call with a parent yesterday and we discussed tribunals. I explained that court is not the golden ticket. If you win or loose, it is just part of a long journey. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the “hype” that it’s your one chance to get it right for your child.
I helped this parent to work our other routes she can take, if plan A doesn’t quite happen.
That’s what’s important. I’m now free from the continued stress of being under the family courts, but my parenting journey goes on.
The decision is that my sons will have total control over when they want to see their dad, and as long as he continues to be safe, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. The outcome we have reached is not what I wanted 6 months ago, but it is the right choice for here and now.
Parenting, managing relationships, engaging with education, it’s all a journey, it begins when they are born and won’t end till yours or their last breath.
There is always another way; be it up, over, around or barging through.. you can and will over come any hurdle. And the weird part is, sometimes things you think were a hurdle turn out to be a solution and the things you thought were a great idea turn out to be utterly crap.
My experience now gives me a perspective. There are no winners or losers.
My ex husband was so angry 2yrs ago, but will now admit that when he lost contact from his kids, it turned out to be the absolute best thing for him and them. He has managed to seek help and grow.
When I think of life now I see every change and progression as having infinite choices and outcomes.
Tonight my choice will be to eat all the good things, help others and have a gorgeous bath.

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