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What is a chronology?
The arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence.
When you create a document for the LA or a Tribunal start to think how you can make it really simple and clear.
Think about explaining using a timeline or chronology. What has happened? List dates and what occurred.
This can make it really clear to the reader.
Don't tell a long emotional story. It's tempting but it won't get the job done as easily.
Be straight forward and if you can, reference the law that's been broken at each step.
I always read back through what I have written a few times and delete waffle. Be direct and focused on the core outcomes you want to achieve in any correspondence.
For example;
Dear 0-25 team
I am writing to make you aware that my child still awaits any correspondence following their review. During the review there was a request for a change of setting due to the currents setting not being able to meet needs;
- Bob out of school since Aug 2019
- School tried bespoke package to reintegrate Sept to Nov 2019
- School contacted formally in Nov 2019 to state they cannot meet needs.
-School called an emergency review to request change of setting, education, health and social care present.
- 2019 review held on 20th Dec
- School set back paperwork 10th Jan
- The date for the LA to give us a formal response passed with no communication.
- Emails sent to LA to chase on X X X X with no response.
- Bob now has had no formal education for 1yr
The LA must respond within the legal timeframe and this has not occurred in our child's case. We have not been given a final plan or told whether our plan will be ammended. We have not been given our right to appeal.
We require an immediate formal response as to whether you will ammend our sons plan as requested by school. We will then be able to appeal if necessary.
If we do not hear from you by 15th Aug we will make a formal complaint to the LA due the your lack of communication, poor level of customer service and your inability to follow set legal procedures. Our son has missed 12months of education. This cannot continue.
Kind Regards.
Jess Cain

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