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About Sports Day

There are some posts doing the rounds at the moment about the lack of Sports Days this year due to Covid-19, in comparison to sporting events that are still taking place. We understand the frustration.
But for many parents of disabled children, and the children themselves, (but certainly not all), there has been a collective sigh of relief.
Sports day for our children (mine are pictured below) is not a fun day.
Speaking for my own children only (but I know they are not alone), they loathe sports at the best of times. Neither have diagnoses of dyspraxia but regardless, for both, extensive Occupational Therapy Assessments uncovered plenty of difficulties with movement and coordination and this has meant that no matter how hard they try, they invariably come last. Which is crushing for them, and crushing for me. Not because winning matters, but because to them, losing does.
And then there's the crowds of parents. Having to perform in front of audience is always difficult for my kids, but is even more difficult when they are coming last.
And on the whole, the parents watching are good people, who love to champion the underdog and when a child is still on their last lap, long after the others have finished, the crowds increase their cheering, to encourage the trooper to finish, as well meaning staff encourage them along the way...but for my children, who cry as they run, its the ultimate humiliation, not only are they last, not only are they distressed, but they are going through it in front of an audience of hundreds.
So while Covid continues to affect our children on a daily basis, and the loss of Sports Day will be a disappointment to many, for some of our children it is a blessing.
What do you think? Is Sports Day a good thing? Does your child love it?

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