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Annual Reviews...

What to do if you have an annual review and are worried you won’t get your point across!!
Do things your way. Make them work for you!!
Be more 🦄!!
1- Make a note of all the missing needs and provisions in your current EHCP and lack of specification.
2-Ask the school for reports from all attending 2 weeks prior to the review.
3-Then attend the review and gather info re what everyone’s comments are.
4-After the review send an email with your concerns with the EHCP, reports and comments in regards to decisions made at the review meeting.
5-Wait for the LA to accept or decline your comments/changes. If they ignore and decline you can appeal.
6-The LA will then send you the draft plan.
7-Make sure you check what they’ve changed in regards to what you asked for.
8-Send back an email and complain if they have ignored you.
9-Try to negotiate the changes you have asked for.
10-If they ignore you then you can appeal.
If you need help with checking your EHCP for review or appealing. Just PM us.

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