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Customer Service

Today an unqualified and most likely un-insured advocate I don't know sent me this message:
"Your "service" cost £120 and what you returned was unusable - and unintelligible, as stated. It is unfortunate that you choose to delete feedback that is less than positive and truthful. But I guess that's your choice. Using the single parent card isn't a defence for a business that is charging."
This has not impacted our happiness here at SFI or the results we get as an advocacy service.. This person did not pay us for the work they are discussing.. They clearly do not understand how to use our documents.. The truth is though, I want the person who sent their report to SW (you will know who they are if this is about you) to come to me and I will refund you in full.
In fact if any customers feel they do not get 100% value for money.. then I am always happy to be more bespoke for you or to refund you.
I am sorry to the family who went to this woman and felt they could not come to us. I honestly am here if you need any updated info. This is not recent as it is our old price, but still I am happy to help you in any way I can at this current time.
Customer service is all about exceeding customer expectations. We want to do that every time and if we don't then tell us and we can make it right.

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