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I’ve made this humorous, but honestly it’s not really funny at all.
I’m sharing to show solidarity and just to tell you, it’s not you. You are not a shit parent. It’s how our lives are and it’s very hard for us and for our kids.
Supporting children to understand their siblings, who are dysregulated and often find life difficult is bloody hard work. It verges on impossible sometimes.
Just going from moment to moment, trying to remain calm and keep everyone safe.
Today I’m exhausted. My kids all hate each other and they are all now in separate rooms using technology. Whilst I try to regulate doing this on my phone.
I’ve just had a bath to try to calm down, because it’s still a long time till bedtime.
It’s not helpful when people who don’t get it say. Oh tomorrow’s a new day…
It’s hard for lots of us every day and holidays take an almighty strength from within.
Whatever your day looked like. I’m sending kindness and love.
Jess ❤️

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