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I am Neurodivergent

This is becoming my mantra. Slowly I'm learning all about my life.. with new clarity.
Unmasking feels like a rebirth. I no longer feel I'm going mad. I no longer feel disordered or difficult.
It's honestly like breathing the biggest sigh of relief. I've spent 38yrs being a challenge to those around me. Too scared to explain the difficulties I had or ask for accommodations.
I'm truly now empowered to do those things. I know I can stop trying to change myself to fit in and instead ask people around me to support me in who I am, and if they can't, then to put in safe boundaries and find new tribes.
I've been thinking about how much space it made for me by finding Autistic adults I related to.
It's so true also of Autistic children. My undiagnosed son who is 6 spends lots of time with Autistic children. He tells me he is autistic and says he doesn't need a test. He sees himself in those Autistic children just like I see myself in Autistic adults.
Honestly if anyone feels they may be Autistic or ADHD or that their child is, try to find others who are diagnosed or self identify. It's the best step to understanding.

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