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We have just had a family where a professional who they are paying to assess cancelled their appointment as the parent asked them the following questions on email.
To me this professional is not safe. It is like me asking a dentist questions and them refusing to answer, and cancelling my appointment.
As a professional you have a responsibility to work with and support families to understand what they will receive, especially if they are paying a high price..
Please make sure anyone assessing your child is willing to confirm they will specify reports, otherwise you are wasting your money!
I am taking this opportunity to share with you our expectations around this assessment, as we feel it is crucial in giving our consent to assess our child, we are only doing so in line with a report being created that meets the minimum standards based on SEND Law.
Please can you also confirm to us:
1. What assessments will be carried out on our child?
2. What diagnostic tools will you be using?
3. What the assessment will involve - who will you speak to/how will you gather evidence?
4. What will you do if Covid restrictions impact your work?
5. Will you follow the law around specification?
6. Will you attend a tribunal if necessary, as a witness, if so, how much do you charge for this?

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