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Sensory Seeking and Avoiding

This post is about balance and how interesting it is that as Autistic adults and children, with attention differences, sometimes what we crave can really cause us trauma as well.
See I crave activity and excitement. I need to move and I like to be in places where things move quickly and people are hyped.. but I’m also a sensory avoiding and become extremely dysregulated by noise.
We have membership for a theme park. We go regularly BUT it really is a sensory nightmare in terms of noise and people. Also the amount of decisions is so overwhelming, not just for the kids, but for me too. So we do a few things to make it achievable to go;
-We draw a map and a schedule before we go. So we know what we are doing.
-We go on indoor/outdoor alternating between the two as nature is calming.
-We have a Slushi on arrival and then do a physical activity.
-We take fidget toys and I play with them whilst the kids play on things.
-We stay a limited time.
-We plan what we do when we get home. It’s generally intense alone screen time.
This is what your child’s EHCP should do, see as parents it’s often instinctive, and as autistic parents with attention differences, it’s self preservation to create a sensory diet.. but too often at school this won’t be the case.
If I did not do these things my children would be in high level meltdown during and after the activity and I would come home and reach straight for the CBD or Gin.
Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend and your sensory diets are working well.
If anyone has tips for how they make things work, particularly if you are a lone adult, we’d love you to share in the comments.
Jess x

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