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Trust and Safety

Trust your instincts
Safety is the key…
Lots of parents are contacting us at the moment in our membership and asking what to do about Sept.
They give us lists of medical documents proving their child has barriers to attendance.. yet tell us the LA still refuse to listen and expect the child to be in school day 1.
I’m now going to do something we don’t do here. I’m going to give you advice.
This is not as an advocate. This advice is as a parent who had to fight really hard for their children’s safety through the courts.
So, here it is. This page is called Send Family Instincts, because there does come a time when we all have to follow our instincts.
In parenting.
In relationships.
In decision making.
We seek information and facts, but when those who are putting barriers and ‘danger’ in our path do not back down, when they do not listen and continue to attack…..we have to make hard choices about our own boundaries.
Mine was to stop contact between my perpetrator of abuse and my children. Full stop and prove through 3yrs of court I was right to do so.
I had to stand by that decision, defending myself to judge after judge, social care, even some people around me who I thought I never would..
I also had to explain to my kids my ‘whys’ over and over.. it was a horrific time.
I had safe people on my side which helped, my parents and my partner John. But all the decisions HAD to be mine. I had to live and breathe them. I was suffering ptsd and also didn’t know I was Autistic and ADHD at the time.
I didn’t have to just say my truth once. It was over and over, and over and over. Through tears and exhaustion. It was life changing. It strengthened me and broke me, all in one.
So why am I saying this.. well this is about instincts. You will have to make a choice soon as to whether it’s safe to send your child to school on the first week. You might be trying to get someone to tell you what to do.. but you alone will have to make that choice..
You alone will have to explain this to your child.
You alone will have to stand by this to teachers, family, friends and perhaps court or social services.
Is it safe? Is my child going to be emotionally or physically harmed, or harm themselves or others? This is the only question you need to answer.
If you want a sounding board, to help and empower you. Join our membership
But honestly this is not a sales pitch. This is one parent to another, saying sometimes we have to dig deep and face what comes.. our kids come first always and forever.
Trust yourself.

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