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We are All Scared

We are all scared...
My beautiful children are by my side through the highs and lows. We thrive together, laugh together and cry together. We have a bond which only our experiences can create.
We are like you.. we have a life that many don’t know about and you can’t see our pain by just scratching the surface.
This week I’m mindful of the ending to a long and difficult journey. My final hearing in court is on Weds.
I have been either struggling through domestic violence or dealing with the aftermath for the entirety of my twins life. They are 5. I’ve been to the family court now an unimaginable amount of times in the last 3yrs since leaving my attacker.
My heart beats so fast knowing that this could be a new beginning for my tribe of warriors. My parents, my family, my kids and my own soul all have worked so hard to get here.
This week is going to bring uncertainty and if I’m honest I’m scared.
I’m struggling, but the strength I have built through adversity I know is now my super power.
If your life feels like a battle field. I’m with you. I know it is hard.
We all have our own journeys. We all take different paths and we all feel a little bit [email protected] scared sometimes.
If there is one thing I want my work to be about, it’s that there is ALWAYs a way. Never ever give up.
You got this and you know what, so do I ! Xxx

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