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We have teamed up with Karen - The Nurturing SEND consultant, so that we can now offer the call support so many parents ask for.

Karen has a background in teaching in adult and further education. When she realised her son had additional needs that couldn't be met in the mainstream environment she began to learn about SEND law and took a voluntary role with a national charity on their helpline. 


She has run parenting workshops for Positive Autism Support and Training along with accredited training and works as a trainer for the PDA Society delivering courses to parents/ carers and educators.

She also delivers funded workshops for parents in her local authority and is part of The Nurture Programme team.


Her passion is to ensure all children can access the most suitable education whilst having their needs met.  She holds a directorship with The Parental Engagement Network who create resources for schools across the UK and her focus here is on diversity and inclusion.



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