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FREE Education Health and Care training level 1 - Includes Parent request tools

This training course contains 3 video guides taking you through all you need to know about EHCPs when you are starting out. 

 What they are..

Why you might consider one is needed.. 

And there are the tools and templates you need to ensure you have the best chance of achieving one with a parent request.. 

You might want to consider joining our low cost membership also so we can guide you through.. 


Membership Information - Find out more @£30 a month


Social Care support pack

Download the templates you need to understand and ask for Social care support.

This will help you and give you the free advice. But if you need more then consider joining our memberships where we can guide you on our helpdesk. 

Our memberships


Find out who you are...

This link takes you to a tool you can use to get down on paper (computer/phone) who you are and what you need. 

It asks questions for you to fill in around the various areas of life. 

It will be emailed back to you and you can then use it as a base to explore further who you are and what you need. 

It can be the first step in understanding whether you want to move towards self identification or a diagnosis. 

You can use this feedback when speaking to others to take your next steps. 

This is completely confidential. It will be emailed to you and yours to use as you wish.


Welfare Checks

Find out here -

What are welfare checks?

Why they happen?

What you can do to support the process, whilst protecting your childs emotional wellbeing? 

Sign up here and also get our Free EHCP course and Free Social care templates and guides. 

This service includes a template to send to school to engage, request information and set boundaries. 


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