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Our Memberships

Take a look around and if you are still not sure which is best just get in touch with us on [email protected]


What are the Memberships?

Our memberships give you a human to contact by email whenever you need support. You also will also have a library full of support tools. We have created this support service so that you can get the help you need quickly and from trained specialists. 

We have had hundreds of families and professionals tell us that this really works for them. You are saving large amounts of money by doing it yourself, and we have developed the tools to make it simple,

We are non-judgemental, completely confidential and focused on you as an individual.

What do the Memberships Include? 

The memberships consist of two main areas:

Your Library 

As a member you will be able to use all our templates and video guides within your membership library. 

The library contains different sections and within each section you will find information and support. 

We have links signposting you to useful pages and services and most importantly we have created all the documents and questionnaires you need so that you CAN do the admin required with ease. 

These are designed so you can build your knowledge and feel empowered to get the job done. 

You will also be able to find caselaw and legal guidance. 

Your Email Helpdesk

As well as your library, all members have a designated Helpdesk. You will have an email address to contact your Helpdesk team on, and you can email us as and when you need throughout the month. 

The Helpdesk operates 365 days a year  and all emails are answered within 72 Hours.

You can ask questions, send us documents or emails to look over and ask for guidance around how to move forward. 

You can also email the Helpdesk to offload or share your concerns around what's happening and our specialists will support you to work out the best next steps. 

Members can use the templates we have and then send them to us to look over. 

When you have the templates you need and the support you need to ask questions, you can do this.

We can tell you if you are being lied to or if something doesn't meet the legal guidance.  

How do I Access my Library and Helpdesk?


To access your Membership library log in via the Send Family Instincts website.  Look for the "Log In" Button on the top menu.

You can also download the Kajabi App so you have it to hand on your phone or tablet.

 Kajabi - Apps on Google Play

‎Kajabi on the App Store (

Login to your library


When you join up you will receive an email telling you the email address for your helpdesk. 

You then email us in the normal way you would anyone else. 

We use a secure Helpdesk tool which enables us to retain your emails in your customer file so you do not have to repeat yourself each time you contact us.

Our Helpdesk helps us to keep your Data Secure. 

How do I Join and how do I Cancel?

These are monthly support service subscriptions, which renew each month, but there are no tie ins. 

You can come and go inline with your current level of support need. 

To cancel, you can email us and we will do it for you, or you can log into your account, via the Log In Button on the top menu. Click the image on the right hand side of the top menu and head to settings. 

To join, take a look at the Membership details below, choose one that feels right for you, and hit the Join Here button at the bottom of each description.


SEND Support

Supported by and containing templates and guides from Not Fine In School

This membership is for any parent or professional who wants to navigate the Special Educational Needs system in England. It will support you whether you are:

  1. Just starting out.
  2. Going through the EHCP process. 
  3. Have an EHCP and need guidance about how to improve your situation. 

This service includes templates, videos guides, questionnaires and really importantly a designated 365 day a year helpdesk. You can look in the library and then email us with any questions you have 24hrs a day.. We will always respond to you within 72hrs max. 

We can support with all the processes you might need to navigate and for all possible educational options - Mainstream schools, Special schools, Independent schools, Alternative provision, EOTAS (Education otherwise than at school), Elective Home Education and for those who have barriers to attendance and not current educational support in place. 

Sections Include:

  • The graduated response at school prior to an EHCP
  • EHC parent or professional requests
  • Refusal to assess guide
  • Assessment phase- What happens/what to ask for.
  • Refusal to issue guide
  • Draft check guide
  • Naming a school
  • Content appeal guide
  • Reviews
  • Reassessment of need
  • Social care - why would I need this
  • Barriers to attendance and alternative provision

We will empower you to know you can achieve what you need to, ensuring all children receive the bespoke support they require. 

Our Helpdesk specialists are all trained in EHCPs and the SEND system and have many years of experience navigating the process for thousands of families. 

We are also neurodivergent and have children with Special educational needs and disability so our support is based on the whole families wellbeing. We truly understand the isolation and difficulty you face. 


Send & More

My Neurodivergent Adventure and SFI bring you Send & More.

This service gives you all you need to support your family when navigating the EHCP and education system, covering everything from the SEND Support membership. 

We call this SEND & More because there are a few added extras which will suit families who want that bit extra guidance  from  Neurodivergent specialists who truly understand what you are going through. 

This will suit anyone supporting Neurodivergent children, young people, adults or themselves.

Whether diagnosed, self identifying or just starting to explore things, everyone is welcome. 

In this membership you can ask us questions about SEND & EHCPS, and also;

  • You will find lots of information in the library around Autism, ADHD,PDA.
  • You will be able to access webinars, courses and lives around a variety of topics - for example; Masking, PDA parenting, vulnerability, Self exploration of your ND profile. 
  • You can ask us about family life and dynamics in a neurodivergent home, work and schools.
  • You can also explore parenting, employment, training and benefits with the Helpdesk and tools/guides to help you achieve the best outcomes. 

Send Professionals

Laura Kerbey at PAST and SFI bring you this membership for professionals who want to navigate the SEND process, consistently putting children at the heart of all they do.

This will include all our SEND Support from a professional perspective.

Laura is well known for the work she does within the PDA arena, and this membership will be updated regularly with insight and offers to support your professional practice.

This support service gives you 72hrs (although we aim for 24) email support to answer any questions you have, as well as tools and templates to share with families. 

You will also learn to:

  1. Identify when you should highlight a child's SEND to the SENCO.
  2. Understand what support you should be delivering for children who have SEND in your classroom. 
  3. Know how to track someone's SEND support using the Plan, Assess, Do, Review cycle. 
  4. Create SMART outcomes and specified support for a child's SEND pre- EHCP. 
  5. Look at the way you write reports as a professional and identify with support how these could be improved
  6. Access a bank of specified SEND supports, created by Laura with support from Neurodivergent children. 
  7. Understand how to communicate your concerns with parents and other professionals.
  8. Look at the most effective ways to communicate with the children and young people you support.  
  9. Understand what an EHCP looks like and what each section means.
  10. Understand why an EHCP needs to be accurate, specified and quantified.
  11. Understand how to put the provisions from section F of an EHCP in place in your classroom and school. 
  12. Understand how to track the progress and effectiveness of an EHCP day to day. 
  13. Prepare yourself for an Annual review or call an Interim review when one is needed. 
  14. Understand the review process in terms of what you and others must do and know how you can involve the family and child. 
  15. Know where to signpost a parent who has concerns about their child's plan. 
  16. Understand how to involve and communicate with parents, child, young people and professionals.
  17. Understand the basics around appeals and how you can prepare to support parents within an appeal. 

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