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£10 per month

Email support membership

This membership gives you 24hour email support 365 days a year. 

You do not have access to our practical guides and tools but you do have access to email our experienced team 24hrs a day. 

We are in your pocket, on your laptop when you need us. 

Rant, Moan, Complain, Share, Ask questions.. 

We are here to listen and empower you. 

You can be at any stage in the SEND process. We are here to help you find your way. 



£20 per month

Email and practical support through our tools and templates

This package give you everything we offer. 

24hr email support, 365 days a year, answered within 24hrs. 

Access to all our membership zone, templates, guides, videos, questionnaires. 

We can help you find your way forward. Listen to you when you need us. 

We are here for you to achieve anything you need to. Complain, navigate the EHCP system, or just create some more calm in your home and life. 

£10 per month

Practical tools and guides

This package gives you access to all our resources, without the email support. 

We have guides and templates. Videos and questionnaires. 

We have support within all areas of SEND.. and if we do not have it in the resources and you need it.. we have a designated contact for you to ask us to add it to the resources. 

The idea of this is that it is all in one place. This membership might suit parents who are more confident and don't need any hand holding.. just the documents to simplify things. 

£20 a month

Education staff membership and email support

This is our designated membership for Education staff. 

You will have all our templates and guides. All our resources. This means you can help the families that you support. 

You also get our EHCP education staff course. This has been extremely well received as being very easy to understand. It takes you step by step through all the EHCP SEND process. It also offers you tools to use in your school. 

You also, most importantly get CONFIDENTIAL email support to discuss any SEND issues that you see arise. We will never judge and will always give you focused and bespoke answers to help you improve the way you work with families. 

£20 one off payment

Gift a membership

We have many families who would like support and cannot afford it. 

These are often families who also struggle to access other free services due to communication needs or parenting responsibilities. 

If you are able to gift a membership then we offer this to our families on a low income and make sure that the support is accessible to them.

Your gift can reduce loneliness and change the life of a child and family. 

£20 gives a family 1 months support with our team. 


Confidential - Receive a Gift

If you are on a low income and you are unable to afford to pay for support yourself. We want to offer you the chance to receive a gift. 

By signing up here your information is completely confidential. No one will see who is on this waiting list. 

We will simply get in touch with you as funds become available to offer you free support. 

We will make sure to also email you all our free content as it becomes available too. 

Please do not suffer in silence. We have lots more plans in the pipeline to support families for free too.  

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