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SEND & EHCP Membership Your one stop shop

Our flagship Membership support is designed to help you navigate the EHCP and SEND process. Whether you are a parent or professional you can get 24hr a day confidential advice, all our bespoke and easy to use templates, and our simple video and written guides.

We know there are lots of free resources out there, but we still felt it was a struggle finding what you need, when you need it. We wanted to make sure getting the right support is as simple as possible.

Alongside the templates we have our trained advocates to hand hold, guide and motivate you to achieve the most possible for your own or the children you support.  

What is included in the SEND & EHCP membership?

This service includes templates for all the process's you might need in regards to navigating the EHCP and SEND system.

There are video guides too.. so you will always be supported to get the job done.

This service aims to disrupt the current status quo which leaves parents feeling lost and alone.

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