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Ever had someone who doesn’t understand your child’s SEND try to tell you how to parent?
(😂😂😂 as if anyone will say no to this. It’s a daily annoyance)
The link below was posted by Beth earlier in the Not Fine in School: Family Support for School Attendance Difficulties.
It got me thinking...
For us at SFI, the only people we believe should EVER advise what you MUST do about anything, in particular about the well being of your family, should be people who are;
1- Highly trained and fully qualified to do so
2- Work in a bespoke and person centred way
So if ANY advisor comes near you or any of your children and does not fully understand your families situation, does not try to have an open dialogue and MOST importantly.. Is not trained and qualified to fully understand ALL of your childs needs..
Then DO NOT TAKE ADVICE from them.. and demand to be advised by someone who does.
End of rant

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