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Appeals in Easy Steps

appeal ehcp membership

We know that being faced with having to Appeal an EHCP decision can feel overwhelming.

With our Full Membership and our Templates Only Membership, you'll find its much easier than you thought.

Step one, when you receive a letter from the LA with a decision, it should also include details of how to contact a Mediation Advisor. You do NOT have to engage in mediation, but to appeal you must contact them and request a Mediation Certificate.

Step two, complete a SEND35a form for a Refusal to Assess Appeal or a SEND35 form for any other Appeal. In the Reasons for Appeal boxes, simply write "Please see Additional Information Doc".

Step three, sign into your Membership (See here to see our Membership options:, head to the appropriate Appeals section, so Refusal to Assess, Refusal to Issue or Contents and Settings, and fill in the the relevant Appeal Template. We've made this as simple as possible.

Step four, send off the the mediation certificate, the SEND35a or SEND35 form plus the Appeal Template you've completed, plus any relevant reports, your EHCP request, any additional evidence, as well as Issue Letter, Refusal to Issue Letter or Refusal to Assess Letter as applicable.

When it all seems too much and you're struggling to know where to start, just break it down into chunks. Focus on one bit at a time and don't forget, we're here to help.

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