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Have you heard that if your child struggles in school, they may need an EHCP?
So, what is an EHCP? It is an Education Health and Care plan.
This is a document in England which states all your child's needs (difficulties) and the support required for them to be able to engage with education. This used to be called a statement. It is what a school or education provider will use to know how to help your child, and what a Local authority will use to know how to fund help for your child. It is made up of lots of reports from professionals from education, health and social care. You can have one if you are in a Maintained School, An Independent School, Home educated or Educated otherwise than at school.
Your child can be assessed to see if they need one; (note -this is not the legal threshold but, a simple version made by us to help parents understand)
If they MAY have difficulty in any of their learning, mental health, social interactions, communication, sensory or physical needs.
If they MIGHT need support through one as the support available in school is not helping them progress in those areas..
You can request one yourself.. You do not have to wait for the school to do this for you..
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